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Driving School Castle Hill
We cover below suburbs and surrounding areas around Castle Hill Service NSW centre:
Baulkham HillsCastle HillRouse Hill
Beaumont HillsCherrybrookWest Pennant Hills
BeecroftGlenhavenWinston Hills
Bella VistaKellyvillePennant Hills
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Quick and Safe Learning in Driving School of Castle Hill

The Castle Hill Service NSW centre is in the Shopping centre on Victoria Ave at Castle Hill. The best parking spot for accessing Castle Hill Service NSW centre is the roof-top of the shopping centre. To get there, turn into Hudson Ave from Victoria Ave and use the second driveway on your left. The mandatory skill required when you start your test and get to Victoria Ave is how to negotiate double lane roundabouts safely without forgetting exit indicators. The speed zone around this area varies from 50 Km/hr to 80 Km/hr unless you are driving in a school zone time or there is a change in road conditions, in which case the speed limit of 40 Km/hr or less will apply. Apart from lots of speed variations, there are other areas as well that need good driving skill, judgement and the right attitude to pass the test.

At L Driving School, our aim is to make our learners confident enough to drive any ‘C’ class licensed vehicle they have been trained for, safely and responsibly after passing the driving test. If there is an opportunity, we practice around the areas where RMS testing officers will conduct a practical driving test. However, our main focus is to find shortcomings in driving skills and driving attitude. After we have identified the areas of improvement, we customise our structured lessons and work on those areas until you have mastered the skill or have fully understood the repercussions of a wrong driving attitude. The overall effect of this strategy helps the learner to become safer, confident and responsible driver for life.

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Michelle Serapio-Tomás
If you want to be a confident, safe driver for life, I highly recommend L driving school to anyone out there. Not only you’ll learn the basic skills, but you’ll also learn defensive driving at its best. I just passed my driving exam last year and I’m grateful to have Monty as my driving instructor. He’s patient and kind, precise in his instructions and straight to the point. He’ll correct your mistakes in a way that wouldn’t startle you of some sort.He’s always calm, eases down your nervousness and strives to teach you to be a better, confident and safe driver on the road. Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor! Monty is hands down the best! Good vibes all the time!
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Mei Llarena
I’ve been to several driving lessons from different driving schools but only Monty of L Driving School made me drive confidently and safely. Through his professionalism, patience and effective method of teaching I passed the driving test on first try! I highly recommend Monty (L Driving school).
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Greeno Antony

About 2 years back, when I was about to give my Drivers Test here in Sydney, I wanted to have that practical feel of all the technical terms/road rules which I read on paper.While I had no Driving experience in Australia, I approached Monty thru an online search page and fixed an appointment an hour before my driving test schedule.

It was early morning about 6:30 when Monty picked me up where as my driving test was at about 7:30. In this one hour, Monty helped me translate all that crucial road rules which I had learnt on paper into practice. He was calm and precise to the point.

His valuable information was very effective in that short duration and with that same frame of mind gave my drivers test and cleared with 98%, the 2% which I missed was out of my crazy stunt though.

Thank You Monty for being such a professional trainer and for being the kind person you are.

I would recommend this driving school to anyway who wants to understand the rules clearly and apply them while driving.