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Accredited Driving School in Hornsby

Hornsby Service NSW centre is on Peats Ferry Rd (Pacific Highway) in Hornsby. During the practical driving test, the speed zone usually varies from 40 Km/hr to 60 Km/hr unless you are driving in a school zone time or in case there is a change in road conditions, in which case the speed limit of 40 Km/hr or less will apply. The market area on the Peats Ferry Road is 40 Km/hr area. The test is conducted around Asquith, Hornsby and Waitara and you will find lots of streets with cars parked on both sides of the road making the road narrow. Make sure that you master the art of positioning the car while turning on the narrow streets. There are other areas as well that need a good driving skill, judgement and right attitude to pass the test.

At L Driving School, our aim is to make our learners confident enough to drive any ‘C’ class licensed vehicle they have been trained for, safely and responsibly after passing the driving test. If there is an opportunity, we practice around the areas where RMS testing officers will conduct a practical driving test. However, our main focus is to find shortcomings in driving skills and driving attitude. After we have identified the areas of improvement, we customise our structured lessons and work on those areas until the learner has mastered the skill or has fully understood the repercussions of a wrong driving attitude. The overall effect of this strategy helps the learner to become safer, confident and responsible driver for life.

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Amrita Bhar
Monty is an excellent driving coach, be it for learners or experienced drivers looking to get their NSW licence. He coaching style makes you a confident driver. With just a few classes both me and my husband cleared our driving test in the first go. I would recommend him to everyone.
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Love Gill
I passed the exam in first attempt because if you have teacher like Monty, you will never get failed in any situation. As a person, he’s very humble and generous-hearted. He taught me how to stay calm and handle the difficult situations during driving. We all know our safety is really important, he focus on that part too. overall I’m satisfied with the lessons and would highly recommend to everyone. It’s worth paying money guys. Thank you Monty for such a wonderful experience.
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Harish Kulkarni
Manpreet aka Monty has all the skills to be an excellent driving instructor. His ability to teach subtle driving skills to the inexperienced/new and experienced drivers is what I admire. I would definitely recommend his name to anyone who wants to drive safe all the time.