Why professional driving lessons

When it comes to your child wanting to drive a car after they have turned 16 and be independent, it becomes your responsibility to ensure their safety, build their confidence and make them a responsible driver. Most parents step forward to teach their child or let the siblings help out but it is not the best alternative. Have you ever wondered if this training is enough to keep them safe when they are driving solo after they have got their driving license?

Research says that whenever a young learner learns a new skill, they adopt the techniques of the teacher and after few repetitions, it becomes their habit. Similarly if you are teaching your child to drive, they will adopt your driving techniques and if you have any bad habits in driving, they are likely to follow the same. You can only teach your child what you have learnt and lots of things might have changed since you learnt driving yourself. Driving is a life skill and as a parent you should therefore provide your child driving lessons from a trained professional driving instructor from a reputable driving school.

Here are few more reasons why training from a professional driving school is important for your child.

They get to sit in the driver’s seat

Getting your child to sit on the driver’s seat means to create a real and positive environment to enable real learning. Since your car is not equipped with the necessary dual controls, you will have constant fear of having an accident. The fear factor and improper handling of the car by an amateur can lead to loss of focus on both teaching and learning which could in turn make the learning conditions worse. As a result of this, the learner may get demotivated and unenthusiastic. A professional driving school helps create environment that is learner friendly and this will enable your child to perform well as well as learn the skill in no time. This is something that goes missing when it comes to parents or siblings helping out with the driving lessons.

They are monitored with patience

When your child is ready to learn to drive, they are almost entering their adulthood. If you try and teach them in a parent-child environment, they are most likely to start an argument, hence an Andragogic approach works the best. Learners at this age want respect and be seen as capable learners. You need to create an environment wherein they feel independent and find their own way.The timing of your intervention in the process of practical learning is very important. A professional driving instructor intervenes less and customizes the teaching after assessing the learner’s skill and attend to their specific needs.

Parents on the other hand may not have that trait and could be concerned about damaging their own car, thus becoming impatient and end up yelling.

Learner receives theoretical as well as practical lessons

Showing the road rule on a video or a piece of paper and then implementing them practically makes the learning process more simple and enjoyable.Professional Driving Schools maintain structured lesson plans in the form of pictures and/or videos which they keep updating as per the new road rules. The learner whilst learning to drive might not experience variety of situations and it is almost impossible to be into every possible situation. Driving Schools document crucial situations, which are in the form of manuals or videos that enables the novice drivers to draw back while driving solo in those situations.

Parents can only teach so much because they have limited access to resources required for training.

Making it easy to pass the test and acquire a license

In relation to passing a driving test, Driving School Instructors are aware of the following:

  • Common mistakes that learners make in a driving test.
  • How to calm anxiety that develops before the driving test so that the learner can give their 100% during the practical driving test. This can be as simple as letting the learner know what to expect before, during and after the test.
  • All the possible areas where the driving test is conducted with special attention to areas where a learner is likely to make a mistake.
  • Format of the test in terms of what constitutes a small error and what can lead to an immediate fail in a driving test.

A Driving School can also provide a suitable dual control car for hire for a driving test. These cars are comprehensively insured and preferred by the Testing officers as they can control it, just in case.

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